Goodbye, High School

I don't think I ever expected my graduation day to come so quickly. The thing about high school is everything happens in a little bubble. You've got permanent classmates, a set schedule, rules to follow - and you get used to the routine, to seeing the same faces every day, and you start figuring out the campus until you know it like the back of your hand. And then it's time to go, and it feels really weird because you're not going to see the same faces anymore. Everything is changing, and suddenly everyone expects you to be very responsible and grown-up because you're going to college. It's really overwhelming. A lot happened in the past four years, and I feel like Freshman Bianca and Graduate Bianca are two very similar yet very different people. #growingpains 

I'm definitely gonna miss the spots my friends and I used to hang out in, and how going to school every day had a certain familiarity to it. And I'm really going to miss having hot lunch sent to me every day. Shoutout to you, mom: You the best! Here's what my last lunch looked like - my favorite grilled chicken, roast potatoes, carrots and apples. My mom always cuts up my food (because in my mom's eyes, I'll always be her baby) and makes sure I have fresh fruit to munch on, too.

I will always be grateful for the friends I made and for the support system I had. There were days where I had work piled up in front of me and I just wasn't feeling up to it, and days where I accomplished a lot and felt really good about myself. Then there were those days when I couldn't stop crying, but there were also lots of days where I couldn't stop laughing.

Through all these moments, I will always remember how my friends and family stood by me and taught me what it really means to be there for someone. 

I'm not as sentimental or nostalgic as I thought I'd be. I'm happy because despite the ups and downs, I can say I've had an amazing four years. I'm positive that it gets better from here! Happy Easter everyone : )


  1. Congratulations Bianca and Ms. Cyn! Good luck on your next endeavor Bianca...