Holidays On The Homefront

We are so excited about H&M opening its second store in Robinson's Magnolia this coming November 20, 2014. Aside from apparel for women, men and children, the store will also carry a selection of home decor from H&M Home! Our tree isn't up yet, since we both haven't been in a holiday mood. But browsing through H&M's website certainly inspired us and got us into the spirit of the season!

We're loving the gold themed Christmas ornaments and home accessories from their holiday collection, which would be a nice change from our red and white Christmas baubles from last year.

 Glass Christmas ornaments.

 Gold metal bowls and trays, Metal ornaments.

 Green and gold glass dispenser, Sequined cushion cover, Assorted candlesticks.

She Said: I've been dreaming of updating my bedroom! I'm partial to white and lots of muted tones for my personal space. Soft neutral tones are good for relaxing, calming and makes everything look clean and peaceful. And of course I've got to have fresh flowers to keep me happy.

 White cushion covers, Metal planter, Duvet set, and a Soft weave blanket for the cool nights ahead.

she said:  I've been really loving small details with a lot of personality. I think they can really make a room look like your own! This bedroom looks so charming and quirky. Just like me! ; )

Duvet cover set, Bunny slippers, Ceramic mug, Candle in a cup.

All photos taken from H&M Home.

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