Kitchen Stories- Eton Mess

Our favorite sweet endings to any meal are those that are made of layers upon layers of sweet cream and luscious strawberries! Eton Mess is a classic British dessert that is a mixture of broken pieces of meringue, strawberries and cream traditionally served during Eton College's annual cricket game against Harrow School in the UK. 

This dessert is all kinds of decadent, and so simple to put together when you're craving for some sweet indulgence. It also makes for  an impressive looking after dinner treat to serve to guests too!

Sharing with you the recipe, courtesy of The Blue Kitchen, using their Cashew Meringue. A word of caution though, TBK's Cashew Meringue is quite addicting. We easily finished two containers in one sitting! Also perfect with tea.

 The word "mess" in Eton Mess, refers to the appearance of the dish- a delicious sticky mess of cream, meringue and fruits.
TBK's Cashew Meringue.

The Blue Kitchen is a specialty food store known for their artisanal, homemade and ready to serve food products. Visit their new branch at the third level of Robinson's Magnolia in Quezon City, and other branches in Power Plant Mall and Shangri-la Mall.

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