Design Pegs for our Home Office

When we started our blog in January 2013, our goal was to chronicle our mother & daughter relationship in an online journal so both Bianca and I could have something to look back on. We wanted to challenge our creative side too. Bianca is a budding photographer and writer, while I became interested in writing as a form of therapy and self expression. 

We have been blessed with a growing number of readers and all the positive feedback we have been receiving for the blog has truly encouraged and inspired us to share our thoughts and experiences into words even more.

Most of the time, writing and conceptualizing our posts takes place inside the bedroom where, truth be told, our 10" screen Acer laptop sits on a  28" plastic folding table. And as I write this post, I'm actually sitting on the edge of my bed, with the plastic table pulled towards my lap. Bianca's room has a perfectly set up study table, I don't know why I don't use it as often as I should. Maybe, it's just that I find it more convenient to write and take naps in between since my bed is just right here, hahaha. Bad habits die hard.

Seriously though, I need to do something about this bad habit of mine before I develop a back or neck problem which I'm sure nobody wants to have.

I've been daydreaming of setting up a home office in the space between our living and dining areas. Ideally, I would like the home office to have a work table big enough for two persons so Bianca and I can work together and also have a place to keep files, books, props for our photo shoots, reference materials that we use when we blog, and where we can do our craft projects.

Here are some home office inspiration I found online. Follow us on Pinterest to see more design pegs.

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