Sweet Sixteen in Paris

To My Dearest Bianca,

Happy 16th Birthday, my love! What a blessing it is that we are celebrating your birthday in Paris, of all places. I can feel your excitement and your joy ever since we arrived here and I'm just so thankful for this gift.

We've been through lots of heartaches and sad times you and I, and I know that this is God's way of making it up to both of us. 

I know there were times when you felt discouraged when you thought your prayers were never heard or answered. But, this is proof that God hears and answers all our prayers in His perfect time. We just have to believe and keep the faith.

We have so much to be thankful for. How our friends and family rallied us on and the outpouring of love and support to make this dream trip happen is just so overwhelming! The only way we can ever repay them is to give back.

Thank you for bringing me so much happiness and laughter. I am so proud of all your accomplishments and the wonderful, caring and responsible young lady you have grown up to be. You are the reason I get up in the morning.

Dream big, my dear Bianca. Don't let anything hold you back. Be the best that you can be. Because now you know, that nothing is impossible with God.


 Bianca trying out the tiaras at the L' Opera Boutique.


  1. Wow! Pictures Ms. Cym... I adore Paris very much as much as you do... Happy birthday Bianca!

    1. Thank you!! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, we've been posting lots of photos from our trip :)

  2. Happy birthday sweet girl! God bless po She said sa paris vacation nyo ni she said, hehe!

  3. Happy for both you and bianca. Wishing you more travels and success. Happy birthday again Bianca!