Floral Cupcake Centerpiece

I love flowers, and I try to have a fresh flower arrangement on top of our dining table every other week, at the very least. Nothing fancy. Just a simple centerpiece to brighten things up at home. Bianca's not as into plants, flowers and gardening as I am, so I'm not expecting any handmade floral bouquets from her this coming Mother's Day.

Last Christmas, I received a dainty (and very useful) white coated, wire cupcake stand from my cousins in New Jersey. I love its vintage look and remember seeing the same stand used as a floral centerpiece all over Pinterest.

To celebrate Mother's Day, I made myself a pretty arrangement that will  keep me happy for the rest of the week. Flowers always put me in a good mood : ) 

This non-edible but sweet looking centerpiece was easy to make. All you need are some floral foam, spring flowers, roses, or whatever flowers you want to use, and some wax lined baking cups.

How to arrange:

1. Soak floral foam in water. With a knife or cutter, cut out 2" x 2" blocks to fit your baking cups.

2. Cut off flower stems, leaving enough length so the flowers sit just above the rim of each baking cup. Insert cut flowers into foam then put inside baking cups. Important note: Use only wax lined baking cups so water won't leak out.

3. Arrange your flower filled cups on the cupcake stand. You can also use a tiered glass or ceramic cake stand. The blooms will last for about 5-6 days. Just make sure the foam doesn't dry out and re-soak in water as needed.

Happy Mother's Day!


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