Summer Picnic

The weather lately has been in between summer sun and cool winds - which I love! I think it's the perfect weather for a picnic, hence this inspiration board featuring pieces from : )

ModCloth is an online retailer that specializes in unique vintage and retro-inspired clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes, and even home decor. I love browsing through all of their cute pieces and finding outfit inspiration from their vast selection of fashionable designs!

Day to Daylight Hat, Work to Play Dress in Navy, Ain't We Haute Fun? Dress in Kaleidoscope, Outer Bank On It Sandal in White, Step Into Style Flat in Turquiose 

Summer always reminds me of  crisp colors. These two dresses are effortlessly cool and really easy to dress up or dress down, depending on the occasion. Pretty dresses have been closet staples of mine for as long as I can remember, and I've never outgrown my love for them. The two pieces I picked for me and my mom remind me why I totally adore dresses so much! 

I also chose these cute sandals and flats to go along with the outfits - simply because I think flats are the most comfortable, sensible kinds of shoes. They're really versatile when chosen properly! I stole my mom's nude ballet flats from her closet and I'm pretty sure I wear them 90 percent of the time we go out..oops?

I hope we'll be able to go on a picnic soon - complete with some adorable little floral arrangements that my mom is fond of assembling around the house, and lots of sweets. (We'll make sure to look the part.) 

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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Bonne Fête des Mères

Mom and I weren't able to properly celebrate Mother's Day (May 11th here in the Philippines) because she wasn't feeling well. Luckily, Mother's Day in France falls on May 25 - so since we've been in Paris mode all week, we'll be honoring this special day along with the French instead!

The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz

David Lebovitz is a well known pastry chef who moved to Paris in 2004. He runs a food blog and has published six successful books, along with this one, which my mom is currently reading. The book includes lots of yummy recipes and funny stories of his life in Paris. I can tell she really, really loves it, because she brings it everywhere she goes, and even asked me to read it to her one night! : )

Mom, I know I can be difficult sometimes, or maybe all the time, but thank you for always believing in me, encouraging me, and supporting me through everything. People always say a mother's love is unconditional. Thank you for loving me, even when I make mistakes. Know that my love for you is the same. You always tell me to live happy, and that is what I intend to do - with you right there with me. You're everything I want to be, mama. (I started crying after I typed that. I'm staring at the screen with blurred eyes. I hope I don't misspell anything.) You're beautiful, inspiring, positive, hard working, and you never ever give up. I can't wait to go on more adventures together! We still have so much ahead of us. Though I'm scared of what the future brings, I'm blessed to have such a strong, driving force like yours in my life. Bonne Fête des Mères, mommy! I love you.

Maman tu es la plus belle du monde car tant d'amour inonde tes jolis yeux.

Dream Destination

Mom and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning pinning pretty photos on Pinterest. We've both been longing to travel all summer long. And believe it or not, we still have that packed suitcase from last year, filled with some of our scarves and sweaters, all ready for a cool weathered vacation.

Sometimes, I get discouraged and lose all hope that we'll be traveling soon. But mom, who is forever the optimist, keeps telling me to never give up dreaming. Although it's hard to admit, her positive vibes are slowly rubbing off on me : )

Paris is our ultimate dream destination. We both had so much fun pinning places in Paris that we'd like to visit, and the food we are going to eat as soon as we get there. We even picked out our hotel, and of course, some outfit inspiration - because you can't look too shabby when you're on holiday in the fashion capital of the world!

For more photos, check out our Paris Pinterest Board here.

French baguettes, Angelina's chocolate chaud, crepes, macarons, Croque Madam.

Our address in Paris- Hotel Villa Saint Germain Des Pres, a small boutique hotel in the heart of Paris and just a short walk from The Louvre, Luxembourg Gardens, Notre-Dame and other beautiful monuments. The clincher: Laduree Patisserie is just across the street from the hotel!

Pont de l'Archeveche, Tuileries Garden, Sainte-Chapelle, Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe.

Parisian Chic.

Floral Cupcake Centerpiece

I love flowers, and I try to have a fresh flower arrangement on top of our dining table every other week, at the very least. Nothing fancy. Just a simple centerpiece to brighten things up at home. Bianca's not as into plants, flowers and gardening as I am, so I'm not expecting any handmade floral bouquets from her this coming Mother's Day.

Last Christmas, I received a dainty (and very useful) white coated, wire cupcake stand from my cousins in New Jersey. I love its vintage look and remember seeing the same stand used as a floral centerpiece all over Pinterest.

To celebrate Mother's Day, I made myself a pretty arrangement that will  keep me happy for the rest of the week. Flowers always put me in a good mood : ) 

This non-edible but sweet looking centerpiece was easy to make. All you need are some floral foam, spring flowers, roses, or whatever flowers you want to use, and some wax lined baking cups.

How to arrange:

1. Soak floral foam in water. With a knife or cutter, cut out 2" x 2" blocks to fit your baking cups.

2. Cut off flower stems, leaving enough length so the flowers sit just above the rim of each baking cup. Insert cut flowers into foam then put inside baking cups. Important note: Use only wax lined baking cups so water won't leak out.

3. Arrange your flower filled cups on the cupcake stand. You can also use a tiered glass or ceramic cake stand. The blooms will last for about 5-6 days. Just make sure the foam doesn't dry out and re-soak in water as needed.

Happy Mother's Day!


Fresh Fashion Picks at the Shang

If you've seen my inspiration boards, you can probably tell that I'm in love with fashion. I always refresh my Instagram feed for the latest updates from brands, designers, models, and magazine editors, because it's the easiest way to update myself on upcoming trends and pretty pieces. 

I love summertime because I don't need to wear my school uniform. I always make a big deal about my outfit even if we're not going anywhere fancy, which my mom could probably write a book about, because she is the (unfortunate) person I consult first when I can't decide between my light blue jeans and dark blue jeans. : )

So we were really, really excited when we were invited to Shangri-La Plaza's Summer Fashion Show last week, which featured the mall's top kids and youth brands! Here are a few pictures of the event.

I definitely got a lot of new outfit ideas for the summer. I'll be looking at my closet in a new way and mixing and matching new colors and patterns for sure! A model was even wearing the exact same skirt as me at one point. #HotOffTheRunway

I enjoyed the show a lot. It was a super cool experience, and a great way to cap off a busy but fun month of April. Hopefully mom and I get to reach all our goals this May!

Shangri-La Plaza Mall
EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard
Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City