The Way We Ate- Green Pastures

I've been wanting to try Green Pastures ever since it opened last year, but because of the considerable distance we have to travel to get there, it's only recently that Bianca and I got to check out this restaurant since we were in the vicinity last weekend.

Green Pastures, located at the sprawling new wing of Shangri-La Plaza in Ortigas Center has been drawing in the crowds for their unique farm-to-table dining experience. 
It literally means that the food that you are served at the restaurant's table comes directly from a farm. This translates to meat, fruits and vegetables served at their freshest so this usually means you are eating healthier because the ingredients that they use are not canned or processed.

Duck You! - duck fat fries, duck skin chicharon, duck confit.

Green Pastures uses the best natural and local ingredients, and everything from the ketchup, the pasta, to the cheeses are all house made. Nothing is imported except the olive oil. Knowing this made me quite impressed with all the effort put in each dish we ordered and made me understand that I was getting what I was paying for because their prices are not what you would usually pay for at a regular restaurant.

Scampi Chorizo Pasta- river shrimps, ALBA'S chorizo, light sofrito, linguini.

We actually arrived at Green Pastures with not so hungry stomachs because we had just come from having some yogurt and fruit snacks elsewhere. Thinking that we had a long drive home, we decided to get something light for our dinner to tide us through the traffic we were expecting to encounter. We ended up ordering one dish after another and realized that we had already spent a good 3 hours at the restaurant! Time flies when you're having fun and lots of good food to keep you company : )

80/20 Burger- 80% Wagyu beef 20% double smoked organic pancetta with house made stracciatella, buttered brioche. Served with sweet potato fries.

Milkeggshoney- organic honeycomb. house made Greek yogurt, citrus curd.

Whenever we eat out, Bianca takes charge of all the food photos plus she likes snapping unguarded photos of me. I try to take photos of her too when I have a steady hand : )

Here's a pic I took of Bianca, rocking her new specs. She's gone back to wearing her glasses for her astigmatism and nearsightedness. She looks a a bit, uhm, scholastic, don't you think?
And that's me on the right. Bianca caught me trying to take a selfie. Lol.

Green Pastures
4th level East Wing
Shangri-La Plaza, Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong City


  1. Thank you for sharing your Green Pastures experience! :)

    1. We had a nice time at your restaurant and hope to have a chance to visit you again soon : )

  2. I'll try this when I am in the area too...have heard about it but haven't had the chance to make the trip :) I think you have a lovely blog!

    1. Hi, Joey! So thrilled that you dropped by : ) Thank you very much!

  3. Yummy dishes! I'm drooling on the shrimp pasta...

    1. Hi, Donna! How are you? Try this resto when you visit Manila! : )

    2. I'm fine Ms. Cyn. I hope you are too! I'll definitely give this a try!