DIY Easter Baskets

We're finally spending some quiet time at home today! My summer vacation has been mostly about tagging along with mom on her errands almost every day. I'm dragged to the supermarket, the bank, and the doctor's office, among other places. She makes me get out of bed, and I don't understand why - I'm perfectly comfortable being a bum for the remaining days of freedom I have left. Well, at least there's air conditioning and free lunch out if I'm lucky : )

On Monday, I start review classes for the college entrance tests I'll soon be taking. It'll last for a month, leaving me just two more weeks before school starts and I finish my very last year in high school. I hate growing up and having to be responsible. I wish I could stay a kid forever, but I know it's not gonna happen. My mom gives me regular pep talks on how to reach for my dreams - and though most of those conversations are one-sided, : P I'm really thankful for all of the love and support she gives me.

On our free days, it's fun to do a bit of arts and crafts together, like we did today. We always use the available art materials we have lying around the house. So, go ahead and improvise with what you have at home. These cute Easter baskets were really easy to make, and we hope you enjoy making them!

Easter Baskets

Paper cups or bowls- we used plain white bowls but you can use patterned paper cups if you like.
White board paper
Assorted scrapbooking materials and gift wrapping paper
Green Japanese paper
Washi tape
Round head fasteners
Hole punch

We have lots of these ribbon and flower foam cutouts at home that my mom hoards from the bookstore.

Step 1: Cut white board paper into a 1.5" x 10" strip to create a handle.
Step 2: Punch two holes, one on each end of the handle, and along opposite sides of the paper cup.
Step 3: Cut out a 2" x 12" strip of green Japanese paper. Snip the edges of one side of the Japanese paper to resemble grass.
Step 4: Attach the handle onto the paper cup using round head fasteners.
Step 5: Glue on the "grass" on the inside of the paper cup.
Step 6: Decorate your basket with washi tape, scrapbooking accessories or cover with pretty wrapping paper. 
Step 7: Fill with Easter treats!

Easter Baskets! 

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