Cuts Against Cancer

I'm quite attached to my hair and I've almost always kept the length of my hair past my shoulders for many years now. Every trip I make to the salon, I ask the hairstylist to trim not more than two inches off. I'm not too adventurous when it comes to my hairstyle and I prefer to keep things simple and uncomplicated.

Just before summer vacation started, I learned of an inspiring story of generosity of two very young girls who decided to cut their beautiful locks to donate to children who have lost their hair because of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. One word came to mind when I found out about it. Brave. These girls must be so courageous to even think of giving up something so personal to help other kids.

Carissa Parco (6 years old) and Cassie Parco (10 years old) during our storytelling activity at Fully Booked in Alabang Town Center last November 2013.

After the haircut, March 2014.

For younger sister, Carissa, it was an easy decision. She volunteered to have her hair cut, which came as a surprise to their mom who said that both girls had always wanted long hair. But for the older sister, Cassie, the decision to cut her hair was difficult at first. She was the last to decide, having her hair cut just the day before they left for a family trip.
"I actually didn't want to cut my hair at first but it's for the children who have cancer. I have to care for others, not just for myself." - Cassie Parco

Cassie and Carissa are donating their hair to Cuts Against Cancer - Donate Your Hair Today Foundation, an organization based in Lahug, Cebu City that aims to help children and women who have lost their hair to cancer by providing them with high quality medical wigs made of real human hair.

The effects of hair loss because of cancer treatments, most especially on children, goes beyond physical appearance. Hair loss can affect self esteem and confidence. By helping kids look like themselves, they attain a more positive disposition, and improve their attitude toward getting treatment as they go through their health challenges.

Cassie and Carissa's story actually puts me to shame because I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to chop off and donate my hair. It really is true that children unknowingly teach us adults some of the most important life lessons.

We visited them the day before Easter, so we made some Easter crafts with them.

 Thank you, Carissa and Cassie! We learned so much from both of you on how to be kind and selfless.

Many thanks to parents, Mark and Tiffin Parco for allowing us to do this feature. Let's all strive to be kind : )


  1. I went there in Lahug but the office is already closed... i tried many times contacting any of the telephone numbers posted in the signage and here in google but nobody answered ... i also texted them but got no reply...where is the present address so I could go there and have my hair cut and donate them to the cancer patient? .... alma

    1. Hi, Alma! Sorry to reply late. You may get more information or contact them through their Facebook page here:

      Hope this helps! Thank you for your donation : )