Valentine's Day Party Ideas

My mom and I are having a simple dinner at home to celebrate Valentine's, and I'm hoping we'll have time to decorate our house a bit! Found some inspiration online and thought I'd share it with everyone : )
1. Floating Heart Backdrop / Looks really fun to make, and I think they'd look good with the lanterns in our living room!

2. Four Cheese Pepperoni Pizza / Two of my favorite pizza flavors in one. Plus points for heart-shaped pepperoni.

3. Je t'aime Colorblock Sweater / Still hoping the cold weather will come back - I just love cozy sweaters.

4. Carnation Cones / And of course, we need to have some flowers. Carnations are really pretty!

I can't wait to spread some love to my family and friends this Valentine's! Have a lovely Sunday : )

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