A Grateful Heart

Last January 2014, we launched our blog's new design and logo. The design conceptualization and process to rebrand our blog was an important learning experience for both Bianca and I. We learned that creating a new site for our stories was not as simple as choosing a blog design and going live.

Months of planning and consultation were dedicated into creating a better, brighter site and taking this blog to the next level. We were not spared from a few minor glitches along the way but we are thankful to have had the support of these three ladies, two of whom we've written about previously here.

We can't say thank you enough to our blog coach, Martine De Luna for guiding us every step of the way. From getting back to the roots of the story behind our blog, crafting our About page, and to creating an editorial plan, Martine was there to lend us her expert advice, making us better editors-in-chief of our blog. She thoroughly analyzed our blog and helped us organize our thoughts so we could successfully implement the She Said, she said brand into the website you see now.

Talented Visual Artist and Illustrator, Nikki Valenzuela, created our logo with our personalities in mind. We asked her to design a new logo that best describes us. I think the challenge of having a shared blog is how to let each of our unique identities shine through. As co-authors of this blog, we wanted to both have an equal voice. Nikki did a great job in capturing our similarities and differences into a cohesive design that is a true reflection of our individual styles.

And lastly, our heartfelt thanks goes to our dear friend Leslie Severino, our appointed life coach, who has made it her mission to be a true source of love, support and inspiration for our mother & daughter team. As Managing Director of her own successful training company, PowerSkills, Inc., Leslie has taught us that the values of  hard work, focus & determination and living a God-centered life are the keys to success.

Thank you, ladies! I thought it was only fitting to show our gratitude to all of you today. We are blessed to have you with us on our blog's journey.

Happy Hearts Day!


  1. Hi! Is that Ms. Leslie Moncupa Severino? If I remember it right, she was our senior faculty at the Ateneo Professional School and I attended her class on Service Excellence. Hi Ma'm. Les.

    Your blog is really nice. Hope I can create and develop one too and consult Martine, Vicky and Ms. Les.

    1. Hello Mika,

      So nice of you to remember me as your professor at the Ateneo. Please feel free to get in touch anytime should you need to consult.

      Always at your service...


    2. Hi, Mika! Thanks for reading our blog. I'm happy you like our new look : ) Hope you visit us again soon!

  2. I'm starting blog coaching with Martine, too, in March and I'm so excited! And I LOVE your logo! There's a mommy She Said and a baby she said! Haha sorry, I'm really mababaw like that. :)

    1. Hi, Patty! Thank you. I super love our new logo too! We enjoyed working with Martine on our rebrand. I'll be watching out for your new site! And sorry to reply just now. Had internet connection issues at home but all is well now : )