I wrote about Prom dresses a couple of months ago here. It's still Prom season at my school, and along with the excitement that Prom brings, comes a bit (or a lot) of nervousness.

I guess this stems from the pressure to actually get asked to Prom. I don't know why asking a girl has become such an event at my school - the amount of effort that a guy can put into a Promposal is crazy.

I mean, I know it should be a memorable night. I'm counting on it to be. But it just confuses me that hanging out with your best friends and having a great time isn't everyone's top priorty.

To lessen my anxiousness about getting asked to Prom, one chilly Saturday afternoon, my super cute cousin Adi and I staged our very own Promposal.

According to, a promposal is:
(n.) The act of contriving an elaborate plan to increase your chances of getting at prom, that may

1. end in utter, humilating failure, because high school relationships totally matter; or

2. result in a pseudomarriage that comes with an order of epicburger with fries on the side.

I wish I could take Adi to Prom, but bringing a date from outside my school isn't allowed. : P Whatever happens, and whether or not I get asked to Prom, I plan to have a good time. It's my second to the last year in high school, and though it's pretty sad to say my high school life is almost over, it makes me all the more enthusiastic to make every moment count.

 ***Thank you to super cool cousins, Jeremy Vidal and Bong & Chely Esguerra for all the love  ♥ ♥ ♥

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