Kindness is Cooler

We're starting the year right by keeping up and continuing with our acts of kindness project. Bianca and I have been looking forward to visiting our family friends, the Peña cousins, for our storytelling and art activity for this month. We're glad we got a chance to meet with them just right before they go back to school this month from their Christmas break.

The Peña cousins.

100 Acts of Kindness checklist.

For this particular activity, we put together a checklist of possible acts of kindness that the kids can perform. We thought it would be more fun to do this project with more kids as well as enlisting the help of their parents too! They wrote down their names on the booklet we prepared for them and the date they started with their own kindness project. We promised to treat them to ice cream once they're done with the checklist and made the eldest cousin in charge of the little ones to make sure they follow through.

These kids are amazing! They hopped to it and got started right away, washing dishes, singing for us, one of them even cleaned up the floor. 

Thank you so much, Enzo, Justin, CJ, Andie, Jax, Allie, Jof, Yzzy and Yanna! We'll have the mudslide, vanilla and chocolate flavored ice cream you requested, ready and waiting. We can't wait to see you again ; )

*A very special thank you to Tita Pich & family for organizing and for having us over. ♥

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