Birthday Food

I love that my birthday is in January. It's the perfect excuse for me to extend my holiday eating way after Christmas and New Year. 

I made a list of all the food I wanted to cook and eat a few weeks before my birthday and I'm so happy I was able satisfy my cravings with these dishes.

Homemade Ginataang Halo Halo

No. 1 on my list was Ginataang Halo Halo. Sweet, warm, coconut cream soup with lots glutinous rice balls, tapioca pearls, sweet potato, and plantain bananas. This is comfort in a bowl. So good! I made a big pot of this. Yummy!

 Pancit Chow Mein

No birthday is complete without Pancit Chow Mein from Panciteria de San Jacinto (now known as Comida China). Perfectly springy egg noodles are hiding underneath all those fresh, crisp veggies. This is a family favorite!

 Mocha Chiffon Cake from Goldilocks.

I thought about going old school with my birthday cake. I was tempted to get myself one of the more trendy cakes from the newer cake shops, but since I was already feeling emotional and nostalgic, I decided to go with a childhood classic. I'm sure people my age can relate when I say that the most popular birthday cake in the 1970's (and until now) were from Goldilocks Bakeshop. I remember always having either a Mocha Chiffon or Sans Rival.

I still have a few dishes I'm craving for that I didn't get a chance to eat this month, and since January is ending soon, I think I'll just have to make Valentine's Day an excuse to extend my binge eating. Oh well : )

Comida China
FRDC Building
106, E. Rodriguez Avenue,
Pasig City

Goldilocks Bakeshop
Several branches nationwide


  1. Oh my gosh, ginataang halo halo is my fave. Too bad no one knows how to make it at home. My dad-in-law used to whip up a batch for me whenever we would spend weekends at their house, but ever since he moved abroad, wala na akong personal chef hehe!

    1. Hi, Patty! It's my fave too : ) I would ask my lola to make for me whenever I would visit her. But, I just discovered that it's so easy to make. I'll share the recipe with you.