Paper Straw Wreath

by She Said

We usually start putting up our Christmas tree and other holiday decorations by the middle of November. We're running late this year, with not a single ornament in sight. And it's not because I don't have the time to do it, but more really because I haven't been in the mood to do it.

The recent disaster brought about by Typhoon Yolanda has certainly put a damper on my Christmas spirit. So, I got Bianca to get crafty with me this weekend to make these simple wreaths made out of paper straws and we put them up today. It certainly brightened things up for me and I'm hoping I get to put up the tree tomorrow.

Christmas is all about hope and love and what's in your heart, but a few trimmings around the house would certainly help warm me up for the holidays : )

6 inch cardboard ring
red and green art paper
36 paper straws- we used red and green striped straws
satin ribbons
hot glue gun
all purpose glue

1. Cut out a 6 inch diameter ring from cardboard to resemble a wreath form and cover with art paper.
2. Cut off 1-2 inches from 18 pieces of straw, leaving the rest at their full length.
3. Apply a dab of glue near the center of the wreath form and adhere a full length straw. Alternate with short and long straws until the wreath is completely covered. Let dry at least 3 hours or more.
4.Tie a bow using your satin ribbon and attach onto the wreath using a hot glue gun.


  1. Ooh! I looooove this. I will make gaya. My 5-year-old and I will do it. Well, I will. Will let her look though. Hehe. New follower here! ♥

  2. Hi, Denise! Thank you so much : ) This project was fun and easy. I got those inexpensive paper straws that you can find in the grocery store. Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!

  3. So cute! I will definitely do this over the weekend. Arts and crafts with my 4 yr old princess (niece). Thanks for sharing this. Will post it on my blog too.

  4. Thanks, Wifey Journals! I'm sure you and your niece will enjoy making these wreaths : ) We'll be watching out out for your blog post. Have fun!