Gifts Ideas For Book Lovers & Creatives

By She Said

My friend, Lyn, shared this link with me from I Love Gifting- a great site where you can find creative gift ideas as well as gifting tips which we can all use this Christmas season.

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas from the several gift guides on the site. Just click on the title image to view the complete list.

For your book worm friends.

Fairy Tale Bookends

Oscar Wilde Pocket Mirror

Gift ideas for your friends who are crafters, artists, photographers, and even bakers!

DIY Screen Printing Kit

Personalized Rubber Stamps

 Cake Decorating Machine

Letter Pressed Cookie Cutters

I'm sure all of us, if not many, have at some point received a gift that we cannot use or don't like. Here are some tips and things to consider on when and why it's okay to regift.

 Holiday Regifting: What's the Ethical Thing To Do?

I always have a fun time shopping for gifts for loved ones because I get an excuse to shop for myself too! Happy Holiday Shopping to all of you!

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