Favorite Christmas Treat

By She Said

One of things we look forward to during Christmas is having our fill of Elisen Gingerbread from Santis Delicatessen. It's available only during the holidays, so we make sure to buy some as soon as it's available beginning the middle of November. 

These traditional German gingerbread treats made with candied orange peel, coriander, allspice, cloves, cardamom, honey and almonds are spicy-sweet and delicious, perfect with tea.

There are many kinds of food that we associate with Christmas and these cake like cookies are one of our favorites. My late mom, Bianca's grandma, was the one who introduced us to these treats and it's become a tradition for us to make this part of our holiday eating. It's our way of holding on to memories of holidays spent with her. 

Every year, we buy ourselves a small pack thinking that would be enough to satisfy us because of all the other sweets we manage to stuff ourselves with during the season. But, we always find our way back to Santis a week or two after to buy more. We never learn : )

What have you all been eating this December? We'd love for you to share your stories with us!

Nurnberger Mini Elisen
available at Santis Delicatessen

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