A Warm Hug

By She Said, she said

We've just reached an important milestone. This is our 100th post. Yay!!! 

It might not seem that much of an accomplishment, but for beginning bloggers like us, it's really a big feat. To find the time, the discipline and the words to write on a regular basis was quite a challenge for us, and we are happy to be able to get this far.

To celebrate this milestone, we originally wanted this post to be about a fancy hotel restaurant we have been meaning to try. We still owe you two more restaurants from our 23 Restaurants list, but something always comes up every time we plan to go. 

We were all set to try the lunch buffet at the Spectrum, Fairmont Hotel in Makati but had to cancel our reservation at the last minute. 

So, seeing that we had a free day, we decided instead to do what we love doing most. Spending some time with kids for our acts of kindness project.

We love interacting with children. We're always surprised and sometimes amused by their reactions whenever we sing for them and read them stories. One little boy had his ears covered the whole time during the song number. I guess the noise we were making proved to be too unbearable for him. Heehee.

 During the storytelling part of our program, we passed around a stuffed toy and likened doing an act of kindness to giving someone a great big hug.
Andres, 4 years old, after hugging the bunny- "My heart feels so warm."

His remark  touched our hearts as well, and gave us more reason to keep doing what we're doing.

Celebrating our 100th post with Dilly Bars. Simple joys : )

Thank you to our dear readers and friends who continue to inspire us to write our stories. Our little blog is turning a year old in a few months and we can't wait to share with you all the exciting plans we have in store. Here's to the next 100 and one thousand more!

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