The Way We Ate- Marriott Cafe

by she said

My mom and I were invited to a very special birthday celebration at the Marriott Cafe at Resorts World Manila over the weekend! We don't eat in hotel buffets that often so this was a real treat. We can be big eaters sometimes, but not so much that we can make the most out of the cost of a hotel buffet, about P2000 per person.

Some hotel buffets have such massive choices, leaving diners confused and wondering where to start. Thankfully, the selection at the Marriot Cafe is pretty simple, straightforward and not to mention, delicious. We actually surprised ourselves because we ate a lot!

Here are some of the Food Stations we enjoyed at the buffet.

Create your own noodle soup bowl.

Roasted meats.


I am a big fan of breads and cheeses.

Japanese Maki.

I tried to get a proper photo of the delicious prawn tempura, one of the best I've had, but every time a fresh batch would be served up, it would be gone in a second!

Calamari and roasted vegetables.

US Angus Beef- before and .....

..... After. Perfect with Black Peppercorn Sauce.

What's dessert without chocolate? I actually started my meal with some chocolate to whet my appetite,  because who can resist a chocolate fountain, right?

Marshmallows, cookies, fruit and cake pieces ready to be submerged in the chocolate waterfall.

I will never get tired of chocolate fondue! I would make my grandma take me to Max Brenner in Greenbelt  when I was a kid just to look at the big machines filled with chocolate.

 I loved these little white chocolate and fruit tarts!

Super creamy gelato. Cookies & Cream for me and Strawberry for my mom.

I don't think it's healthy for us to be going to buffets often. I'm pretty sure I gained ten pounds on that day alone! : P

Nonetheless, I loved being around two of my favorite things: food, and really awesome people. A rainy afternoon very well spent! Happy birthday, Ninang L! Love you

Marriott Cafe
Marriott Hotel Manila
Newport City Complex, 
Pasay City, Manila

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