Cardstock Buntings ♡

by she said

We had a couple of hours of power interruption while some electrical repairs were being done on our street last weekend. And because we had no internet, meaning no connection to the outside world, my mom and I got restless. To beat the boredom, we got into our crafty mode and made these cute buntings to hang in my room.

My mom loves collecting scrapbook materials and all sorts of pretty paper. Whenever we're in a bookstore or happen to chance by a novelty store, she always buys something for arts and crafts. 

Mom: Biancs!!!!! These are really nice. We could use them for something.

Me: uh-huh.....ok

She has this whole collection of washi tape, stickers, labels, rubber stamps, bakers twine - the list could go on and on. But I only have two scrapbooks to my name, so go figure.

My mom got these designer cardstock in pretty patterns from Gourdo's.

We just cut them in half and folded them over bakers twine,

and secured with some double sided tape.

Fast and easy. Now, they're ready to hang in my room.

I tried them out on my bedroom light. Nah, too low.

On the wall above my bookcase. Cute.

On my study table. What do you think? My mom works here during the day when I'm in school.

I think this is the perfect spot.

Disclaimer: We fixed up and organized my room before we took photos. It is now back to its original messy state, so please don't be fooled : )


  1. haha natawa naman ako sa disclaimer! where did you get that cutesy canister?

  2. Hi corinne! We got the floral canister in Metro Department Store : )

  3. Funny disclaimer! LOL! Cute buntings though! :D

  4. I love the dainty buntings! doesn't need any celebration to display such.. what a brilliant idea!

  5. You have been nominated for the Sunshine Award Love. It’s a way of thanking you back for the inspiration you’ve shared. Please spread on!

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