The Way We Ate- Everyday Mom's Cupcakes

By She Said

I've been wanting to try Everyday Mom's Cafe Mocha Cupcakes ever since I read about it over at jin loves to eat. What was stopping me was the bakeshop's location which is quite a distance from where I live. Then, a friend of mine told me that she bought a box of cupcakes from there and how she polished off a dozen cupcakes all by herself. That was enough reason to make me want to try those cupcakes in a hurry! Luckily, I was in the vicinity of the bakeshop yesterday so, I grabbed at the chance to get me a box.

 Moist chocolate cake with a splash of coffee and topped with mocha whipped cream.

Everyday Mom was borne out of a mother's commitment to serve healthy and yummy goodies to her family, most especially to her kids.

We only got to try the Cafe Mocha cupcakes. They were soft, moist and very addicting. Definitely, one cupcake is not enough! My daughter and I are sure to be regular customers here so I hope they open more branches soon : )

Everyday Mom
Scout Tuason corner A. Roces Avenue, 
Quezon City
Tel. 710-1254 

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