The Way We Ate- The Cafe Mediterranean

By She Said

We are creatures of habit. In the past eight years we've been dining at Cafe Med, this is what we always order...

  one plate each of Grilled Chicken Kebab with buttered rice.

 Served with Tabbouleh- a salad of chopped parsley, bulgur & tomatoes.

We like to eat this with lots of garlic sauce. Yum!

Cafe Mediterranean serves a unique blend of dishes from Eastern, Western, and Southern Mediterranean but ever since we tried their kebabs, it just sort of stuck to us. We've hardly tried anything else on the menu!

This is our favorite dessert- Orange Panna Cotta.

 I love these Portuguese hand painted tiles on the tables and wall.

What are your favorites at Cafe Med?

The Cafe Mediterranean
Power Plant Mall
Concourse Level, Rockwell Center
Makati City

*check out their website for branches in Metro Manila.


  1. gorgeous friend ;-)July 2, 2013 at 8:50 AM

    Hmmm yummy! Grilled Chicken Kebab is also the fave of G & Iv. Since I am allergic to chicken, I love Café Med Grilled Lamb Gyro and Grilled Lamb Kebab with Pita.

    Happy eating!

    - gorgeous friend ;-)

  2. Hi gorgeous! Thanks for dropping by. We'll try the gyros next time : )

  3. We LOVE Cafe Med too! Here's a typical order:

    Appetizer: Platter of 3 (Kofta, Hummus, Tabbouleh) w. whole wheat pita
    Husband's meal: They have a new tuna dish whose name I forgot. Either that or Moroccan Fish Fillet w. whole wheat pita.
    My meal: I mix it up. The last time was Grilled Beef Kebabs with Rice Pilaf. I love their Tabbouleh.
    Dessert: Panna Cotta too!

  4. Everything sounds good! Thanks for all the suggestions. Guess what, Toni? I found the dried mangoes from Cebu in a supermarket nearby! Blog about it soon : )