SM Aura Weekend

by she said

Mom and I always like to go window shopping - but that doesn't mean I'm not tempted to buy something every time we go out! I've been resisting since she said to save and wait until I get my birthday money from family. Since my birthday has finally come and gone, I can now buy some of the stuff I want : D

My mom was invited by a friend to check out an exhibit at the SMX Convention Center at the newly opened SM Aura Premier this weekend and it was the perfect excuse for me to tag along so I could check out all the shops there.

I think I spent the most time in Forever 21 trying out an armload of clothes, but I ended up not buying anything. I think it's harder to part with your own money than when mom's paying for it! Haha : ) 

The sales staff assisting us was so patient and nice even if I didn't buy any of the clothes I tried, we just had to give her a thank you gift!

But I did buy a matching pair of socks for mom and I! We love cute socks.
These stores are my mom's happy places. What she does in there and the time she spends in there I'll never understand.

mom: *hyperventilates*

me: mom, relax. it's just SM Homeworld.


We found this yummy looking cookie mix and can't wait to try it. Yay!

We had a super quick lunch at Food on Four, SM Aura's food court, because we couldn't wait to go back and explore the rest of the mall.

Yakitori One specializes in skewered, grilled meats, mostly chicken,  glazed with their signature Tare (sweet & salty) sauce.

An assortment of Japanese Barbeque- chicken skin, quail egg pork wrap, chicken thigh with onion leeks. They're all good!

Yakitori Rice- Japanese rice topped with teriyaki sauce, seaweed & pickled radish.

We ended the day with some Bono Artisanal Gelato : )

This is my mom's idea of a wacky shot...embarrassing much. : P

We can't wait to go back to SM Aura when more stores are open! What a super fun weekend : )

SM Aura Premier
C5 Road corner M. H. Del Pilar Drive
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Metro Manila


  1. Ay ang cute nyo na tandem.. I'm hooked on your site.. I'm super fond of mother-daughter bonding thingy.. It's fun!

  2. thank you! we had a great time : )

  3. You guys are too cute!!! I hope I'd be able to be this close with my daughters when they grow up :-)

  4. hi littlexperiences! thanks for dropping by. i'd love to go back to sm aura but i'm already broke : ) hehe

  5. Thank you for visiting us! Your pictures are really nice! :-)

  6. thanks, Yakitori One! we love Japanese barbeque : ) can't wait to visit you again soon!

  7. saya saya naman ng SM Aura shopping nyo hehehe..

  8. thanks corinne! nice to hear from you again : )