Dear Mom

By She Said

Dear Mom,

I found these old photos of you from one of your trips to Japan in the 1980's. This is how I want to remember you. Beautiful, happy and content. 

You were so frail and thin when you passed away six years ago, today. But despite all the pain and suffering you went through, you were as always, in peace. You laid out to me all your wishes for a solemn wake and funeral when you knew that the end was near, with the kind of strength and grace that belongs only to you.

Bianca and I miss you so much. It has never been the same without you. I miss our long conversations, your laughter, and your calm presence the most.

You'll be happy to know that I've had a couple of parties at home using all your beautiful linens and dinnerware and everyone said I inherited your love for all things pretty and your attention to detail. You taught me well.

Thank you for still continuing to shower us with gifts and kindness as you did when you were with us. Our family and friends have never stopped taking care of us since you left, and I know it was you who sent them.

We know you are in a place where there is no more pain or suffering. So rest well, mom. I know you're watching over us from up there and smiling.