Washi Notebooks

by she said

My mom is slowly getting me into her washi tape addiction!! I never thought the day would come, hehe : ) 

I had an unused notebook I bought a long time ago from Muji and decided to dress it up during this rainy weekend. I'm so in love with the pretty patterns of these Japanese paper tapes!

We just used scissors to trim off the excess tape from the edges of the notebook. The best part is that washi tape is re-positionable so you can try to see how it looks on different angles!

The finished product!

Mom and I were so excited with how great they turned out and we can't wait to use washi tape for more stuff real soon! : )

All washi tape from Paper Chic Studio.


  1. it pays to be creative. good job and thanks for sharing this kind of idea

  2. Thanks cheekeegirl! My mom and I visited your blog. So sweet of you to include us in your blogroll. Thank you so much!