Grandmothers Know Best

By She Said

My daughter and I live down south while the rest of our relatives reside on the opposite end, north of the metro. We make it a point to visit them at least twice a month because we do get lonely sometimes and crave some good old family bonding.

On the day of my daughter's birthday, we went to visit  my maternal grandmother. She makes sure to prepare lunch for us whenever we visit. She knows all of our favorite dishes so we tend to overeat a little when we're at her place plus not only that, there's always a care package sent home with us- cooked food to be reheated for those days we don't have time to cook, mangoes, jack fruit & plantain bananas from her backyard when in season, rice cakes, and sometimes even some fresh frozen prawns from the Sunday market nearby. Aren't grandmothers just amazing? She lives with my aunt, who takes care of her and they are both the sweetest and two of our most favorite people in the world!

My daughter requested for lumpia shanghai (spring rolls) for her birthday lunch and so lumpia shanghai it was...

Sapin Sapin birthday cake!

Frozen Fruit Salad.

My beautiful grandmother. She always gets compliments on her soft, smooth skin and often gets asked what her beauty regimen is.  #olaybeauty

Although she's turning 94 in a few months, she has excellent memory and she remembers everyone's birthdays. She goes to church every Sunday and spends her time puttering and tinkering around in her garden. When I grow up, I want to be just like her : )

Thank you, Lola Mama and Tita Rose for Bianca's birthday lunch! It was by far the best birthday lunch only great/grandmothers know how to prepare. We love you and we cherish every moment spent with you.


  1. wow! the lumpia shanghai looks crispy-licious!

  2. Sapin sapin for a birthday cake! Great idea. My sister recently celebrated hers and we put a candle at the center of a pizza. Heehee.

    Frozen fruit salad is a must-have on our end too! :) Great to see other families enjoying fruit salad that way too.

    I tagged you!!!

  3. Hi cheekeegirl! Homemade is always best. Thanks for dropping by : )

  4. Hey toni! The Sapin sapin was so good, and I want more of that fruit salad, now na : ) Thanks for the tag!