cupcakes & macarons

When my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told her I wanted to have a cupcake and macaron birthday cake and have a few of my friends over. We came up with the idea to have a dessert buffet set up at home and luckily everything came together. My mom brought out all her girly dinnerware and linens and the set up was so pretty! It was exactly what I wanted.


 Mini crowns handmade by Anagon Collection.

 Washi tape place cards. My mom has a washi tape addiction. Please raise your hand if you have one too. Washi tapes from Paper Chic Studio

Teapot boxes from Vanilla Cupcake Bakery are the cutest : )

 A buffet spread of all my favorite food- cupcakes, cookies, pink lemonade, candies and more cupcakes. My mom said I had to have at least one savory dish on the menu, so I went with chicken pie.

 I helped make these doilie candy cups.

Do these jars look familiar? We've kept all the pannacotta jars from Chez Karine because they are just too adorable.

 These freshly baked cookies were a gift from my Tita D. Thank you!

My cupcake and macaron birthday cake.

blowing the candle.

Thank you to my awesome mom for organizing the cutest birthday get together ever. I'm already looking forward to my Sweet Sixteen Party : )


  1. Don't grow up too fast. Your sweet sixteen is still one very long year away from today. ily ♥

  2. I super love this! :) The set-up is just lovely! Thank you so much for making Anagon a part of your birthday! :)

  3. Happy birthday again! Wow, those are very pretty and dainty decorations. Lovely, lovely celebration!

  4. happy birthday she said! =) super cute ng party mo.

  5. Thank you so much! I had a great birthday : )

  6. Happy birthday, Bianca dear! :) You are SOOOO my kind of party girl, haha! Beautiful & inspiring setup! And yes, I am a washi junkie, too. (Hi, Cyn)

  7. Hi there, Tita Martine. Thank you! My mom's awesome, isn't she? : )

  8. I really really love the whole set-up for your birthday! It's so simple and elegant. I will try to recreate this on my next birthday for that PARIS feel. ;P
    i'm a new follower of you guys' blog!

  9. Hi, Rizhijah! Thanks for following. We'd love to see photos of your birthday set-up. Hope you drop by again soon : )