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by she said 

Things like self-expression, feminism, inspiration, music and basically art in different forms have become vastly important to me, more than they ever have before. I think the internet is a good place to start interests and passions such as these, because it's just the best way to find out how other people interpret them, and find out what you like as well.

I spend way more time than I should looking for inspiration than I should be, because my daily dose of it, no matter how small, is VITAL TO MY SURVIVAL. (I'm not kidding.) I find most of this inspiration online, so I thought I'd share some of the things I've discovered on the internet recently. (Warning: this is a dump post. It's a lot of stuff. But it's good stuff. I hope you enjoy it.)


I've always loved dressing up, ever since I was a kid, when my mom would pick my outfits. (She still does that sometimes.) I hadn't thought about it as a way of self-expression until around three or four years ago, when I discovered Tavi Gevinson's blog. Tavi is so creative and quirky and other-worldly, and I could not grasp that we were about the same age and she had achieved so much, both fashion-wise and life-wise. I decided I'd be more creative in the way I dressed. Soon, I found other fashion blogs and started stalking them, similar to how my mom stalks food blogs. Mom and I love dressing up and shopping together - we pick out stuff for each other to try on! is a creative outlet for fashion consciousness that allows people from all over the world to bring their style to other people all over the world by posting their outfits of the day. I don't even remember how I stumbled upon this site, but now I get daily emails filled with new looks from people I've fanned. IT'S AMAZING. 

Here are two looks from two of of my favorite lookbook users, Lucy and Connie!


I discovered Zooey Deschanel after watching 500 Days of Summer. I think you can either love her acting or hate her acting, and I definitely loved it. Zooey also founded a site called with Sophia Rossi and Molly McAleer, where contributors post content aimed at women. So when I found out she made music with M. Ward, a singer-songwriter and guitarist, I decided to give it a listen, and it's just the kind of nostalgic music that grows on you. It's sunny and fun and retro and perfect for road trips and good times. It makes you wanna dress up in poofy skirts and collared tops and tie ribbons in your hair. It's great.

Their indie duo is called She and Him, and they've recently released their newest album, Volume 3. I've listened to the whole thing through a few times and it's exactly what I hoped it would be.

This is the video for one of the lead singles off of Volume 3. It's called I Could've Been Your Girl. It's really cute. Watch it.

Gabrielle Aplin is also one of my favorite artists of the moment. She started out making covers on YouTube, and her voice is literally one of the best I have ever heard. She peaked at No 1 on the UK singles chart with her cover of the Frankie Goes to Hollywood song The Power of Love. She's released a bunch of EPs, but her debut album English Rain just came out and it's a mix of her popular singles and a bunch of new stuff, and it's wonderful. It's become my rainy day soundtrack (we've been getting a lot more rainy days lately, yay!) and I think it should be your rainy day soundtrack too.

This is the album sampler and here is the video for Panic Cord, her latest single, which is lovely.

These are just a few of the things I'm loving, and I'm glad to be able to share it with you! I have lots more to share, so look out for more categories and more posts like this in the future. Hopefully I'll get to post a lot more of these before summer ends because when school starts my internet lurking is greatly compromised and I have to make time for (ugh) homework and projects and whatnot.

I hope you were inspired : )

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