Blog Page Critique by Momcomm

By She Said

I haven't fully recovered from winning the Sugar and Spice Candy Buffets Anniversary Blow Out yet. I've been on an all time high for the past two days, floating in and out and around the house and everywhere I go. Then comes another set of good news, and I'm literally just flying!

I just received an email from Melissa Culbertson of Momcomm that I got 1 out of the 26 much coveted spots for a free Blog Page Critique! Melissa has over 11 years experience in marketing communications. She is an accomplished writer who specializes in graphic design, and is currently in the works on her new book, Blog Design for Dummies. She is the founder of Momcomm, a site that provides bloggers practical writing and blogging tips.

Women bloggers out there would know what a privilege it is to be critiqued by one of the most experienced, widely read blogs out there. Most especially for a new blog such as ours- my daughter and I just started blogging this January 2013, so we've been at this for only 3 months. It is so important for us to learn and make improvements and corrections early on so we can begin to take our blog to higher heights. Thank you to Momcomm for this opportunity and for sharing your time and talent. It means so much to us.

Special thanks goes out to Frances Amper Sales of Topaz Mommy & Topaz Horizon and Martine Cosio De Luna of Dainty Mom, my first ever online friends. Thanks for all your words of encouragement, support, much needed advice and all your lovely comments. We haven't even met you both in person, but you made me and my daughter feel so welcome in this yet unknown, uncharted world of blogging. We are looking forward to meeting you real soon. 

Thank you to our readers (a small group of  our dear family and friends) for patiently reading our stories despite it not being as well written as it should be. We will continue to strive to do our best. Okay, so this is beginning to sound like the speech that you make after winning a beauty contest or something so I'd better stop here :D

I can't wait for Momcomm to critique our blog. We'll keep you posted. Happiness :)


  1. I am SO psyched for your Blog Critique. Mel and Momcomm helped me a LOT in my early blogging days. I never submitted an application for the Critique — it always got booked, LOL. :) Lucky you!!!!

  2. Hi Martine! Lucky me, I have a daughter with super fast fingers! I came in no. 10, right in the nick of time :)