8/23 Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food

By She Said

I love my family and friends!  Ever since we started our summer restaurant roundup, our dear friends, Gary, Leslie and Ivan have been cheering us on. They never fail to send us words of encouragement and support. Their family loves to eat too, and I always look forward to hearing about the restaurants and good eats they're discovering. I just love swapping food stories with them!

We met up last week to celebrate quite a number of happy occasions: two birthdays, two straight A report cards, and a first paycheck ;) Thanks for the dinner & dessert treat, Gary, Les and Ivan. We had so much fun catching up with all of you and we're looking forward to our next food adventure.

Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food  is along J. Abad Santos Street in San Juan City. The busy, narrow street is lined with parked cars on both sides when we get there. But, the difficult parking situation doesn't seem to turn diners away. Instead, I think it's more of a come on because you get curious and wonder what the commotion is all about.

Street food on sticks are prominently displayed in the restaurant's glass enclosed kitchen upfront.

They have a small air conditioned dining area just right behind the kitchen. We were lucky to get a table because the place started filling up fast,  as soon as we were seated.

Salt & Pepper Squid

Yakitori- Asparagus, Enoki & Shiitake Mushrooms wrapped in bacon and glazed in a very addicting sweet sauce.

Fried Spring Rolls

Fried Rice

Hong Kong Noodle Soup

Pork Siomai

Taosi Spareribs & Chicken Feet Claypot Rice

Hong Kong Pancake Balls

White Almond Shake,Lemon Iced Tea, Black Gulaman

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