6/23 Breakfast at Antonio's

By She Said

Tagaytay is a mere thirty minute drive from where we live so, it's the perfect destination for spur-of-the moment getaways. Despite being so close to our so called city life, we love the laid back atmosphere of this popular weekend destination.

One of our favorite sights are the road side vendors, beckoning with their wares.

Tropical Fruits

 Tagaytay is known as one of the leading producers of pineapples in Luzon.

 Plants & Flowers.

 Walis Tambo- a soft broom made of tiger grass.

 Lambat for sale- fishing nets

 Fresh picked white corn, I like!

But we are in Tagaytay because of one particular destination. Breakfast at Antonio's. We get here just right in time for brunch.

We love the restaurant's light, airy and spacious interiors. Despite the summer heat in Manila, it was pleasantly cool and breezy here.

 Chorizo served with eggs, hash brown, baguette, baked beans.

Fresh Corned Beef served with eggs, garlic rice, baked beans.

Mustard and Horseradish Sides.


French Toast- Turkish bread dipped in vanilla cream & cinnamon egg, served with butter, syrup and warm apple compote. 

One bite of this, and my daughter exclaims: "Mom, this is so much better than your French Toast!" Now,  I do believe I make a pretty mean French Toast, if I say so myself, so I'm a little bit crushed by her statement :P But as I take a bite, I concede. Antonio's is not on The Miele Guide's List of Asia's Top 20 Best Restaurants for nothing. There's no reason to compete.

We had a brief chat with the friendly and gracious owner of Antonio's Group of Restaurants, Chef Tonyboy Escalante during our visit. I had the pleasure of meeting him years back, when he was a client at the Fitness Company I used to work with.  It's good to know that he somehow still keeps a fitness regimen despite his busy schedule.

 After our brunch, our server hands us back the menu, offering us our dessert of choice compliments of the chef. But my daughter and I were full to the brim after wiping out those 3 big plates of food. Thank you, chef! We'll definitely take you up on your offer on our next visit!

Just some of the treats you can take home from Antonio's...

 Farm Produce

Freshly baked breads

Housemade Lemon Curd

We have our eye on the Jaffa Orange Pancakes and the Antonio's House Burger for our next visit. We hope to be back again soon!

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  1. Makes me want to visit Tagaytay. :)

  2. Hi Cel! Thanks for dropping by. So nice to hear from you again :)