Easter Memories & A DIY Easter Centerpiece

By She Said

Easter morning always brings back memories of my childhood, living in the province. I grew up in a small residential compound near the beach and every Easter morning an egg hunt was prepared for the me and my siblings and the other kids in our neighborhood. Prettily painted hard boiled eggs were hidden in the playground in front of our house where we literally had do a little digging to find them. I wasn't really too keen on finding those cute pink, yellow, and blue eggs because, a little girl can only eat so much hard boiled eggs in one day. I'd much rather have candy.

What the other kids and I were on a mission to find was the much coveted golden egg. A singular egg wrapped in gold foil, well hidden and not in plain sight. The lucky finder gets the best prize of all. A real, live, Easter bunny! I remember waking up at the crack of dawn to peek out of our living room window just so I could get a glimpse of where the eggs were hidden. I never woke up early enough to catch the gardeners planting the eggs in the ground, though. But I did find the golden egg once, and brought home the bunny rabbit to the envy of everyone :)

When I became a mom, I wanted to recreate the same experience for my daughter. This time without the hard boiled eggs, but with the now more popular, different colored plastic eggs filled with either candies or small toys.

My daughter at two years old, egg hunting in our front yard. I think she did this until she was eleven years old, and then the novelty just seemed to fade away.

My little bunny, four years old. Easter 2002.

Here she is, eleven years old, at one of her last Easter egg hunts in 2010 with neighbors at the park. She's the girl holding up her bag to catch the candies:) She's turning fifteen in a few months. Where did time go?

We were doing some spring cleaning earlier this month and guess what we found in the storage room? All the plastic eggs she's accumulated through the years! Those cute pink and yellow baskets were a gift from her Ninang Les.They're more than ten years old and still in good condition.

 Maybe we'll put these eggs to good use this coming Easter and prepare an egg hunt for my ten month old nephew.  He can't walk yet, but he sure can crawl! haha! We'll see about that :)

 We also found an old box of craft foam in the storage so, we got a little crafty today.

 Pre-Cut foam pieces...

 that you glue together...

 to make cute little creatures...

 and pretty flower shapes :)

We attached the shapes on to paper straws...

Inserted bamboo sticks in a styrofoam ball.

Our Easter Centerpiece!

We used paper confetti that came with gifts we received last Christmas plus some green Japanese paper passed through a paper shredder. I got the paper straws from Metro Supermarket in Alabang, about P50 per pack. They're not good quality drinking straws but they are good to use  for arts & crafts. The terracotta pots are from an old Bake In A Flower Pot Set. I'm glad I kept them, they sure came in handy :)

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