Easter Bunnies

by she said

After mom and I made our fun Easter Centerpiece, we started on making Easter Bunny Cupcake toppers. We got the instructions from this post.

Materials we used:
white  & pink vellum board paper for the bunny ears
blue & yellow construction paper for the bowties

Mom had already bought the mini pompoms in National Bookstore beforehand, so when we were in the mall we just made a quick stop to get toothpicks. We already had construction paper and glue at home. That was basically all we needed.

We were super excited to start on the bunnies because they are just so adorable! Making them is a fun Easter project, and they're useful too.

First we inserted the toothpicks in to the pompoms with a little dab of glue.

Next, we used different colors of construction paper to cut out little bunny ears and bowties to attach to the topper. It may look super easy, but it actually requires a lot of patience and precision in cutting the tiny shapes and also lots of willingness to get glue on your hands.

We glued the bunny ears to the top of the pompoms and attached the bowties to the toothpicks. This was the easy part :)

They ended up looking great, and I'm excited to put them on the cupcakes we hopefully end up buying on Easter Sunday! Let us know if you try this out! :)


  1. Super cute! Really easy to do too! I'm having such a fun time reading through your blog.

    I wish my mom and I were that close.

    Looking forward to your new posts :)


  2. Hi Camile! Thanks for following : ) Let us know if you do get to make these bunnies. We'd love to hear from you again.