3/23 La Petite Camille

By She Said

The Manila restaurant scene is definitely getting bigger, busier and more exciting by the minute. And because of this, I feel that I have to rush to complete my summer restaurant list at the soonest possible time. So many new restaurants are cropping up, all vying for my undivided attention. But I keep telling myself to take it slow and enjoy the moment. So, to all the new restaurants out there: Please wait for me. I'll get to you, all in good time! ;)

The summer heat is beginning to get unbearable and I just couldn't imagine spending this day outdoors. So, being the mall rats that we are, my daughter and I found ourselves in Greenbelt 5 this Sunday.

La Petite Camille is a Vietnamese restaurant located at the second level of Greenbelt 5, on the space formerly occupied by Travel Cafe. Originating from San Francisco, California, this restaurant was brought to Manila by the same group behind the popular Super Bowl of China and Nanbantei.

My daughter was a little worried that she wouldn't enjoy the food. She's not much into soups and vegetables, which I'm forever trying to change. I wasn't surprised when she immediately zeroed in on the first fried dish she saw on the menu.

Imperial Rolls- deep fried rolls stuffed with minced pork, taro, black fungus, mixed vegetables and crushed peanuts served with lettuce, vermicelli, pickled carrots & radish, fish sauce.

This is eaten by wrapping a spring roll in lettuce with some vermicelli and pickled vegetables. Vietnamese dishes have a perfect balance of fresh vegetables, herbs, meat and spices that makes it one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

Pomelo Salad- this was my favorite! Sweet and refreshing, perfect for summer.

Vietnamese BBQ Pork

Beef Look Luck- beef tenderloin sauteed with white onions, minced garlic and special sauce served on a bed of lettuce. This was yummy, best eaten with lots of rice:)

Chicken Fried Rice

Vietnamese Jello- pandan and coffee flavored jelly. We have a sweet tooth when it comes to desserts. This dessert just had a slight hint of sugar and coffee and didn't  really satisfy our sweet cravings.

Three down, Twenty restaurants to go! Where do you want us to eat next?

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