100 Acts of Kindness

By She Said

When my daughter and I were conceptualizing our mother & daughter blog, it was our intention to chronicle events and situations of our everyday life that we are thankful for. We wanted the blog to be a celebration of our life and our special relationship.

We have been constantly on the receiving end of countless blessings, favors and kindness from friends, family and even strangers, when we needed it most. And in the face of adversity, all these acts of kindness that were incessantly coming our way was what kept us going. It gave us hope and made us positive that despite all odds, the best is yet to come.

Although we have expressed our gratitude one way or another, I have always wanted to do something on a grander scale. But I kept postponing it, telling myself I would send a big thank you gift when I had saved up enough money or I would donate to a worthy cause when I won the lotto (which I think is no where near from ever happening,  lol!).

I read this story about a young girl who is performing 89 Acts of Kindness in memory of her great grandmother and how her simple, honest gestures have touched others' lives. This inspired me to perform my own random acts of kindness too.

My daughter and I are pledging 100 Acts of Kindness, in honor of the countless persons who have shown us kindness and generosity, and in memory of my mom, whose selflessness and big heart I will always remember.

 It is our hope that you too will be inspired to start your own and begin a never ending cycle of good! It can be as simple as offering to carry someone's heavy bag, letting someone go ahead of you when you're lining up at the supermarket cashier, or if you're feeling extra generous, maybe paying for someone's meal when you are eating out at one of the fast food chains. It doesn't have to be fancy. As long as what you do comes from the heart, it's all that matters.

I'm already foreseeing that this is going to be one awesome, unforgettable summer with all our little projects and plans! We will be documenting our 100 Acts of Kindness on our Facebook page, so if you're interested to know how we're progressing or would want to give us some encouragement (we'll be needing that for sure) please go ahead and visit our page!



  1. i will surely not miss this new journey of yours. i want to be inspired and share the inspiration to others - a proud avid fan of your blog :-)

  2. Thank you tetchie! Your words of encouragement warms our hearts. Let's all go out there and be kind to one another :)