Weekend Love

By She Said

My daughter and I rarely spend our weekends or even summer holidays outdoors. We prefer to stay in controlled temperature, air conditioned places. I guess the punishing heat of the sun is just something unbearable for us and being outdoors is something we really don't enjoy.

This is really a far cry from my childhood. I grew up in a beach front house where I spent most of my days under the sun, submerged in sand & salt water. I moved to Manila only when I was about to enter College, and I have been so caught up with city life that I've only gone back to my childhood home twice in a span of 28 years. 

We now live in a community that has a lot of parks, open spaces, bike trails and sports facilities that are all very accessible to us but seldom use and often take for granted. So, I had this brilliant idea to spend the Valentine weekend differently this year and take advantage of the still somewhat unpolluted air in our village in the south of Manila.

It took some time to convince my daughter about my plans because she was already planning to spend the weekend in bed glued to her iTouch and our internet connection. But with much cajoling and pretty pleases and promises that she will have a good time and good food to eat, she finally agreed! 

We woke up early Saturday morning and trooped to the Saturday Market nearby.

                      So much fresh, organic produce and seafood. I am quietly asking myself- why am I not shopping here every weekend???

                                                                      Potted herbs

 Fresh cherries


What we ate for breakfast- oven baked pork belly. Notice the morning sun shining down on our food? It's been awhile since we've eaten outdoors!

Puto Bumbong- I can eat this all year round.

Red Velvet Cupcakes from a neighbor / homebaker


Kids with bicycles, enjoying the outdoors.

After breakfast, we visited one of the parks that has an ongoing exhibit by the village's Garden Club. They do this every year but we hardly go. This year's theme was all about "Verandas".

Spotted these plants for sale- Scented Malvarosa (used as a mosquito repellant) and Dwarfed Philodendron (Hope plant). Wanted to buy but I found them overpriced at Php600 and Php1200!

We capped off our Valentine Weekend at the nearby Alabang Town Center for a Helicopter Flower Drop on Sunday. This mall is like a second home to us. My daughter practically grew up here :)

  Blizzard of rose petals!

I think this weekend was the most time we have spent outdoors. We had so much fun that I think we are now converts and we're already planning our next outdoor adventure!

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