Lomography 101

by she said

I usually do workshops or take up some lessons during my summer vacation which starts in a few weeks, but I started earlier than usual this year. 

My mom found out about a Lomography Workshop happening at the new Trilogy Boutique in Alabang Town Center, a place my classmates often refer to as 'the swag shop', because apparently it has swag. (I don't know what that really means aside from the fact that Justin Bieber says it a lot.)

Trilogy is a store that houses some of the most exclusive local and international street wear brands like Miss Sixty, Vans, 7 For All Mankind and Team Manila.

What is Lomography? 
It is a new style of artistic, experimental photography that started in the early nineties in Vienna, Austria. Characterized by vibrant colors, deep saturation and creative visual expression, Lomography is now considered an art movement.

Registration is only P100, how cool is that? :)

The workshop covered the basics that you need to know to begin taking photos with an analogue film camera. I am a total control freak with photography. I want my photos to be perfect ALL THE TIME. That's why I've always loved the idea of not knowing how pictures will turn out until after finishing an entire film roll, because I think lomography helps you to think less, and appreciate great images more.

The two speakers from Lomography Embassy Manila- the official distributor of  lomography products here in the Philippines, also discussed fun techniques and experiments with film cameras, like creating vignetting on a photo, how to put tiny little action figures to create silhouettes against images, and double exposures, all of which I want to try when I get my first lomography camera. (which is hopefully soon. HI MOM)

There is something about Lomography that I have always found interesting, mainly because I think I've always had a penchant for old-looking things, and also because of the sheer amount of time I spent* on Tumblr (*past tense! my account is now sad and inactive) scrolling through thousands of grainy vintage images of the sea and ice cream and girls with beach waves.

I've always wanted to make an analogue photo diary, go on photo walks and do general geeky lomography stuff with generally geeky lomographers.  I hope that's something I get to work on this summer!