Kitchen Stories - Churros con Chocolate

By She Said

We love Saturdays! It's the day we get to sleep in, have an unhurried and leisurely breakfast and then return to bed after, to catch up on more sleep. I rarely schedule anything on Saturdays unless I really, absolutely have to. We're just lazy that way.

I usually prepare breakfast depending on what my daughter feels like eating. Her requests are simple- pancakes, french toast, bacon & eggs. Regular breakfast fare that she can have any day of the week but eating on a Saturday means she can enjoy her meal without being in a rush so I try to make it extra special by setting the breakfast table real nice.

We spotted some frozen Churros, a spanish pastry, in the supermarket the other weekend plus we had some pure chocolate tablea waiting in the pantry, given to us by good friend, Leslie. 

We were both in the kitchen preparing this, and when everything was set up, I asked her to take some photos,  but she couldn't wait to dig in. I still had my way, though....

Happy Saturday 

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