The Thanksgiving Jar

by She Said, she said

Happy 2013! We decided to start the new year with a bang by putting up a mother & daughter blog. We have so many things to be thankful for and how apt that we received Thanksgiving Jars for Christmas from cousins Bong & Chely.

The jar comes with these instructions...

1. On the 1st day of 2013, get a strip of paper from the jar..
2. Write down your answer to: "Today, I am thankful for _ _ _ _."
3. Repeat everyday.
4. For next year's Christmas, find a cozy spot, grab your beverage of choice, and read the jar's contents to your heart's joy. :)
5. Spread the love and good vibes!

**Optional: Fill this jar with travel tickets, movie stubs, letters, and all other knickknacks that represent what you've been blessed with this 2013.

It will be fun finding reasons to be thankful for each day and we hope to follow through until the end of the year.

We are teeming with ideas and we're excited to see how this blog will evolve. Hope you join us for the ride :)


  1. What a lovely, lovely project to jump off 2013!!! I'm so kilig to see this and I can't wait to see all the posts! :) Will definitely subscribe to your blog. Super love and good vibes! Wheee! <3

  2. Hi Anonymous! Thank you! This project has been teaching me to be thankful even for the little things :)